After many successful seasons of ball hockey since 2013, Halifax PLAYS is happy to announce its first ever inaugural REC BALL HOCKEY division, starting Summer 2017. For those who are interested in our other 26-week semi-competitive Summer/ Fall program, please check out this link here.

Details (for our Rec Program):

Cost: $25 per person for ~11 weeks (pay fees here)
Dates: Tuesdays 6;30-7:30 or 8:30-9:30pm,
September 15th to November 14th (schedule here)
Location: Gorsebrook Ball Hockey Court (map here)
Format: Full Rink 1 Hour Games; Folks divided into 2 groups, there is a randomized sticks-in-the-middle style; games don't count & goal is to just have fun! (Format is similar to what has been successfully tried at rec soccer & more rules here).

Note: This is a recreational league, designed for beginners or people who are looking to get back into the game. Scores are not kept, teams are mixed up each game day, & the idea is to learn the game of ball hockey, make friends & have fun at the same time.  Others are welcome, but are asked to "tone it down" if they do join, for instance by trying different positions or looking to include & teach newer players. For more skilled players, we would also recommend checking out our semi-competitive program at halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/sc as a potentially better fit.

Folks are also welcome to join both programs but will then have to pay separate registration fees. Games each week alternate between 6-8 PM & 8-10 PM for the two rec/ semi-competitive programs.

Questions: Please contact us at halifaxplays.ballhockey@gmail.com

Payment Information: Please visit halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/payments

Hope to see you folks out there!