How Do We Make Teams for Each Session?

Formatted after our rec soccer program, rec ball hockey does not keep scores or have set teams. Rather, folks are divided into 4 "Groups" for the season with a set schedule (click link), where 2 of those groups will show up for each hour that we play. With these groups, the opportunity is still there to play at the same time as your friends, even if the actual teams will be mixed up on the day.

After about a 5-10 minute warm-up, folks will then be divided into randomized teams, sticks-in-the-middle style: I.e., put your stick in the middle, organizer throws it on either side of the court, & wherever your stick lands is your team for the day! Think old-school road hockey here.

Goalies may also be switched each half to keep things as even as possible. If really needed & teams wind up very lopsided after randomization, organizers may do a couple trades if required.

Please bring BOTH  red  blue  shirts for your games. A couple of extra pinnies are also available!

Bottom line, over the course of the season, you'll probably get to play with/ against everyone. It's a format that's worked very well for soccer, & we're excited to try it at ball hockey as well!

Our groups will be announced ~4-5 days before the season starts.