After many successful seasons of ball hockey since 2013, Halifax PLAYS is happy to announce its first ever inaugural SEMI-COMPETITIVE BALL HOCKEY LEAGUE, starting Summer 2017 & running for a full 22 WEEKS, until the end of Fall 2017, including 6 planned weeks of play-offs! For those who are interested in our less competitive rec program for the Summer, please check out this link here.

Details (for our Semi-Competitive Program):

Cost: $55 per person for ~22 weeks (pay fees here)

Dates: Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 or 7:30 to 9:30pm,
May 16th** to November 7th (schedule here).
**Apologies for a previous typo of our start date.
Location: Gorsebrook Ball Hockey Court (map here)
Format: Full Rink 1 Hour Games; Set teams rotating match-ups each week; NHL-style play-offs at the end with 3-game series to crown our next champions!

Note: This league is geared towards average to somewhat skilled ball hockey players, as in folks who know and understand the game, & also value the competitive element that can be part of it (for e.g. scores do count in this league unlike our rec option). However, others are still welcome & the main goal is still to have fun, even if the pace/ level of play can be expected to be higher than the rec option. Note also that this league is still NON-CONTACT, with a stricter adherence to rules, which can be found on our website @ halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/sc/rules.

Folks are also welcome to join both programs but will then have to pay separate registration fees. Games each week alternate between 6:30-8:30 PM & 7:30-9:30 PM for the two rec/ semi-competitive programs.

Questions: Please contact us at halifaxplays.ballhockey@gmail.com

Payment Information: Please visit halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/payments

Hope to see you folks out on the courts with us soon. And please do spread the word!

2014 Fall Champions - Blue Balls


Halifax PLAYS Co-Ed Ball Hockey (Summer 2017)

Registration for ball hockey is now open! This season, continuing from last summer, we will have  two separate Rec & Semi-Competitive leagues, with very different formats. See below:

- Rec League: Info @ Halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/rec
- Semi-Competitive League: Info @ Halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/sc

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