Basketball Registration

Halifax PLAYS Co-Ed Basketball is an opportunity for all people & all skill levels to get out play!


Please read this post before you register! It took us a long time to finalize locations so I apologize for the delay.

Players are not allowed to play in both leagues. For those wondering the difference between our leagues it is something like this. Intermediate is fairly competitive with most players having at least playing for a high school team in their past while rec is more laid back with some players having little basketball history, though each team generally has a few players that have played for a while. Both leagues are meant to be kept fun with competition being secondary.

Please make sure you register at the correct link for the correct league or I will probably make you fill out the form again.

Recreational registration form

Registration Form, Halifax PLAYS Basketball Recreational ‎(Summer 2019)‎

Intermediate registration form

Registration Form, Halifax PLAYS Basketball Intermediate ‎(Summer 2019)‎

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