WINTER 2021:

Dates: Tuesdays, starting for ~8 sessions, from March 2nd, 2021 to April 20th, 2021.

Times: Games will start @ 8:15PM, running for ~6 ends (NOTE: COVID protocols here are evolving, as extra time is sometimes needed to clean the ice, so anticipate ~90 minute games to be the norm)

Location: CFB Halifax Curling Club (6441 Hawk Terrace, Halifax, NS)

Cost: $120 per person

Contact: Please e-mail if there are any questions.

Equipment Required: Most curling equipment (sliders/grippers, brooms & rocks ) will be provided by the curling club and is included in the cost.

COVID Notes: There will be a lot of rule and/or pre/post-game procedural changes this year to adhere to Covid-19 Return to Play Rules issued by both the NS Curling Association & the CFB Halifax Curling Club. Masks will be required at all times both before & during curling including on the ice. No drinking while on the ice this season in order to adhere to these rules. Drinking only allowed AFTER curling & if you finish before 10pm due to provincial restrictions. Masks must cover the nose & mouth at ALL times or you risk removal from the session & subject to the Halifax PLAYS Discipline Policy. 3-layer masks strongly recommended as per recent statements by NSHA doctors in various media outlets. Other rule changes, FACILITY social distancing protocols etc... will be explained via email before the first week.

Our curling offering is very much contingent on interest, so please help us to get the word out!

All genders, skill levels, and ages (19+) are welcome. Limited spots available.

The main goal of Halifax PLAYS is to provide a friendly, fun-first, safe environment to play recreational sport, while also providing an affordable & accessible registration fee. We are also a 100%-volunteer-run non-profit, hence
rely on many volunteers to make each season a success & are always thankful for their contributions. We could always use more help for our curling league, especially as a new offering, so please get in touch if you can volunteer!

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