Paying Fees

The early bird registration fee to join our Spring Dodgeball league is $27, which can be paid by clicking the Paypal button below. This is the fee that applies to anyone paying before April 5, 2014. After April 5, our seasonal registration fee will rise to $30. In addition, if 9-11 players on a "team" want to pay together, they may be eligible for a discounted "team fee" option of $225.

Paypal lets one pay fees using credit or debit, even if you have no Paypal account. Hence, it is fairly easy to make a registration payment in just a few simple steps. However, if you are unable to pay your fees using Paypal, we may make accommodations for an alternative form of payment, such as a cash payment in person, Interac, a cheque or an RBC e-Transfer payment. To arrange or discuss any alternative payment options, please contact us @ 

Please note that unless you have paid your fees, your spot in a prospective dodgeball league will not be reserved, & your registration will be considered incomplete. Thus, failure to pay on time could also result in us billing you through Paypal and/ or us "kicking you out" of the league. While none of the volunteer organizers profit personally from payments, and while the league is non-profit, all our registrants really need to be paying on time in order for the league to be financially viable.

That said, we also believe that no one should be denied a chance to play because of cost, hence if you cannot pay your registration, it may be discounted in exchange for significant volunteer service. For example, the organizers of the league, because of their service, do not pay a registration fee.
Again, please e-mail ASAP if you will be late paying fees, need some kind of special accommodation, or are dropping out of the league. As well, please let us know if you were paying using a Paypal account registered to an e-mail other than the one you signed up with.

 Click the Button Below to Pay Your Registration Fees; No Paypal Account Needed!