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Team Fee

Halifax PLAYS Spring Dodgeball is offering a team discount of up to 25% to groups of 9 to 11 people who want to create a team together. Specifically, such groups can choose to have one of their members make a one-time payment of $225 to the league to cover all the fees of up to 11 players total, instead of having each player pay the individual $27 registration fee.

To use the discount, please follow the steps below:

1) Contact Us: Firstly, you should contact to confirm that you & your friends will be able to play together. While we will probably approve most such requests, there may be rare occasions where we split up teams, especially in the interest of competitive fairness. However, even if we do split up teams, you could use the team discount without getting approval from us. To do this, simply indicate the names of the 9-11 people whose fees you will be covering, & they will not have to pay an individual registration fee during the season, regardless of team.

2) Complete the Form Below: After contacting us, please proceed to complete the form below to indicate your team's information, including all the people whose fees you were intending to cover. Keep in mind, however, that Halifax PLAYS is not responsible for players who fail to show up, do not register to games or who fail to chip in for a team fee. However, if a captain fails to recoup his discounted fee during the preseason, Halifax PLAYS may allow for a partial refund of the fee (click link).

3) Pay Your Fee: Finally, all you have to do is pay your fee, which can be done via the "Paypal" button below. If alternative forms of payment are required, please contact Please also note that u
nless otherwise indicated, the deadline to use this discount is March 29, 2014.
If you are having any issues or difficulties figuring out how the team discount works, or wanted to confirm your eligibility for it, please contact



Click the Button Below to Pay Your Team Fee: