Rules for the Winter Ball Hockey Season can be found the bottom of this page. You can both view these rules in your browser (by clicking the file name) or download them (by clicking the arrow on the right). Everyone playing in the league, including temporary subs, must read these rules in full.

Our "Sub Policy" and "Waitlist Policy," which may be changed during the season, are two further sets of rules which are outlined in more detail with their own webpages. Further, we are also attaching a copy of the mandatory waivers which must be completed by all players to play in the league.

The spirit of the rules is, above all, to have fun and be safe, to treat opponents & teammates with respect, and to keep competition secondary to having a good time, win or lose. Indeed, gross unsportsmanlike conduct, such as the utterance of racial, religious or sexist slurs, the instigation of a fight, or conducting an illegal activity while in a facility rented by the league may result in expulsion from the league with no refund, at the discretion of league executives & the Halifax PLAYS Board.

We encourage players to contact with suggestions for how rules can be amended and improved. If we get many suggestions, particularly on the same sort of matters, league executives may change a role or have players/ captains vote on possible changes. We highly value the input of players, so please be honest and open with your suggestions!

Games in this league have traditionally been self-officiated, but due to some concerns about aggressive play, Halifax PLAYS is currently experimenting with using player-volunteers as referees. That said, players should still call the own fouls and ensure everyone else is following the rules.