As we reach closer to the season, the Halifax PLAYS Dodgeball Organizers will make teams and post them on this page here. For information for how teams will likely be made, please see below.

How Teams will likely be Determined​

Unlike other leagues, Halifax PLAYS takes an active role in making teams. The reason for this is twofold: First, without assistance, captains often cannot get enough players for a full team. Secondly, we want to ensure teams are fair in terms of skill levels, availability, gender diversity, & other logistical factors.

When making teams, the following factors will be given weight, in approximate order of priority:

1) Preferences for Teammates: We will try to allow players to play with at least one, if not more, of the teammates they request to play with. However, especially when there are large numbers of very good players wanting to play together, some groups may be split up to even out skill levels or numbers.

2) Gender Diversity: We will try to put approximately the same number of girls on each team.

3) Skill Levels: We will try to balance out skilled and unskilled players, based on how players rate their proficiency in registrations. Of course, skill levels on paper do not always reflect a team's actual ability.

4) Seasonal Availability: We will try to balance out regulars and occasionally/ often unavailable players.

5) Spread of Captains: We will try to put at least one person who wanted to be a captain on each team.

Obviously, the variety of considerations which needed to be balanced means teams will never exactly "even." Over the course of our seasons, some teams will inevitably do really well, while others will probably struggle. In our experience though, most individual games in the league are tightly contested. Hence, even if teams will never be 100% fair, we will do our best to even things out.