Sub Policy for Flag Football (Fall 2015)

A "temporary sub” is a player not on a team’s official roster, but who plays with a team.

Officially, Halifax PLAYS discourages the use of "temporary subs." However, it also recognizes that in some circumstances, subs are one of few options available to teams in order to avoid forfeits.

Captains may request and use subs if they have less than 9 players for a game and can only use enough subs to bring their team to 9 players with the required gender distribution (at minimum 2 of each gender, preferably 3).

Team captains may look within the league or outside the league for temporary subs. 

Temporary subs from outside the league must register at, as well as sign a waiver and pay the fee before playing in a Halifax PLAYS Flag Football league game.

Captains must add subs to the game sheet and ensure the opposing Captain and league are aware that subs are being used. No subs are allowed for playoff games.

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