Teams for Flag Football (Fall 2017)

Teams for the Fall 2017 will be listed below. Please contact if you have any concerns about your team assignment.

NOTE: Rosters are subject to change over the first couple weeks of the season.  After the third week of play rosters will be locked and changes will only be made in exceptional circumstances. 

Justice League

Heyg  Nazaryan
Rodney Fraser
Spencer Armsworthy
Jacquelyn S.  Moriarty
Sophie G. Jobin
Rhett P. A. Thompson
Mark Latter
Alyson M. Thompson
Jocelyn Yerxa
De'shawn J States
Kelsey O Young

Legion of Boom

Toufic E  JeBailey
Robert  Panahi
Jay B Miller
Jenna  Hare
Mario R. Ellis
Michael A Kennedy
Grayson Wright
Show Me Your TDs

Elliot Campbell
Tara A Rogers
Jason Long
Tara A Rogers
Mallory Smith
Jamie k. McAdam
Jaelyn  Howe
colin r docherty
Victoria Forbes
Matt Jordan
Yung Trap Starz

Chernise N. Clayton
Daniel C  Arnold
Ben  Vringer
Sam A Bell
Heidi M Isenor
Corey g r Mackinnon
Channing D. Colley.
Mitchell A Bell
Quentrel  Provo
David C Nyquest
Morgan DesBarres
Greg Geddes