Inclement Weather Policy (Fall Flag Football League 2015)

The inclement weather policy is simple: Games are cancelled whenever STADACONA closes their fields. This can be checked by calling (902) 722-4602.

Please note that Stadacona's inclement weather policy is not related to HRM's inclement weather policy. I.e., even if HRM closes its fields, Stadacona may still have its fields open.

While we do our best to inform players & captains about closures, they can sometimes be sudden or unexpected. Hence, captains are ultimately responsible for checking the numbers above & informing their players of field conditions/ closures, even if league organizers cannot get a notice out in time.

Further, even if fields are open, we advise that captains cancel or end a game if field conditions could compromise the safety of players (e.g. during/after heavy rain or during lighting strikes). As long as there is just reason for a cancellation, no team will be charged with a forfeit. The safety of players is our top priority, and when dealing with dangerous conditions, it is better safe than sorry.

Halifax PLAYS is NOT liable for injuries if a player chooses to play in bad conditions. Further, Halifax PLAYS bears no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for game cancellations due to inclement weather. We do our best to reschedule canceled games, but this cannot be guaranteed.