COVID-19 UPDATE: Some sports are back! But with many modifications...

In light of COVID-19, Halifax PLAYS suspended most of its Summer 2020 prorams. That said, after a long wait, we are excited to have some sports return, specifically soccerkickball & softball! As well, we have our return-to-play guide (linked), and are exploring feasibility for re-starting Fall badminton, volleyball & possibly even hiking programs. That said, after consulting with organizers & others, we will not continue with ball hockey, curling or lacrosse until at least 2021.

While still uncertain about how to proceed in these evolving circumstances, Halifax PLAYS is working closely with the province, Sport NS, the Department of Health & Wellness & pthers, to help navigate the most prudent next steps. The safety of our players & organizers will always be #1.

And we do encourage all to sign up to our mailing list to get notifications of further updates or future leagues. And in the meantime, please do follow provincial guidelines... And to all in our community
who represent front-line workers, essential personnel & social justice advocates, THANK YOU!!


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