Rules for Jugger Winter 2019:

A session of Jugger lasts for 90 minutes, broken down into the following format:
  • Warmup game starts after doors opens.
  • After warmup, teams have five minutes to organize for Regular play.
  • Regular play proceeds for forty-five minutes
  • After regular play, teams have five minutes to clean up for cooldown game
  • Cooldown game proceeds for ten minutes.
  • Everyone has five minutes to clean up before our allotted time is over.
The Full rules of Jugger, can be found at the bottom of the page, and will be explained and demonstrated at the beginning of each session if there are new players during the warmup period.

Some exceptions of note that we follow locally:
  • Headshots result in a 5-stone penalty
  • In addition to head and hands, groin shots do not count.
Some in game rules:
  • As we are playing indoors, bodily contact is forbidden between the qwiks.  Each qwik will be issued a flag football belt.  If a qwik removes a flag from the opposing qwik's belt, that qwik takes a knee for 5 stones, as if they were struck by a pompfe.
The spirit of the rules is above all to: Have fun & be safe, treat all players with dignity and respect, and keep competition secondary to having a good time. Gross unsportsmanlike conduct, such as the utterance of racial, religious or sexist slurs, the instigation of fights, or conducting illegal activity in facilities rented by the league can result in suspension or expulsion from our league with no refund, at the discretion of league executives and the Halifax PLAYS Board.

We also encourage players to contact halifaxplays.jugger@gmail.com with suggestions for how rules can be further amended and improved. 


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