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Due to the high levels of interest in our soccer leagues, we often maintain a wait-list for players who were late signing up but still want to join our leagues. However, most wait-listed players will be contacted at some point in the season, either to join a team full-time or to fill in as a sub, since we find that many teams inevitably have attendance issue during the course of a season.

Our Current Waitlist: 1) Matt Adams. 2) Ronald Robert. 3) Frank Diedro.

In the interests of fairness to all teams and wait-listed players, Halifax PLAYS Soccer has prepared some rules for getting off the wait-list. Please see an outline of our "Wait-list Policy" below:
1) In general, only player wait-listed is eligible to join a team. This means that a player cannot "jump the wait-list," even if they already know players on the team they want to join.
2) A team captain can request to have a player added to their team from a wait-list, but must have permission from all captains of their team, the league organizers, AND the wait-listed player.
- The organizers have discretion in approving or disapproving requests to add a player to a team. Please note that he/ she is likely to deny such requests in the following circumstances:
(a) the team in question is already very strong and wants to add a highly skilled player
(b) the team already has many players, of a specific gender or in total, relative to others

(c) other circumstances arise where the organizers deem placing a player on the wait-list unfair for the parties involved, others in the league, or other people wait-listed.

3) On rare occasions, the organizers may also compel a team to take on extra wait-listed players if:

(a) A team consistently has low attendance, as evidenced for instance by multiple forfeits or the frequent used of subs within a short period of time

(b) A team has players removed due to non-payment of league fees or disciplinary reasons

(c) Other circumstances arise that organizers deem require a player be added to a team.