Team Rosters

NOTE: Our league looked to have filled up quite quickly, although issues with our new registration portal on SF means there were a few repeat registrations & there are currently 6 spots left. So, if folks- especialy on Teams A-C wish to recruit a couple more folks, please do feel free!

In the meantime, Greg & Shitangshu will serve as "rovers" playing where they are needed.

Rule sets will be shared shortly: Games will have 6-7 players a side.

Team A

John Bruhm (C)
Adam Frontain
Brittany Sears
Adam Heim
Amy Heim
Greg McNish (also Rover)
Niall Burke

Team C

Kale Law (C)
Justin Hirello
Kyler Smith
Brent Moses
Lori Kimberly
Justin Gray
Shahbaz Alam
Shitangshu Roy (also Rover)
Team B

Christopher Assuncao (C)
Natalie Drouin
Raymond Hnadyshin
Marissa Rait
Patrick Aucoin
Mason Dominey
Shelby Brunet
Tianna Gallo (C)

Team D

Luis Castro (C)
Kaylee Campbell
Carleigh Trottier
Aeden Ward
Alex Vadeboncoeur
Haley Mullen
Matt Scott
Meagan Watts
Nick Sangster
Caitlin Grady
Calder Robinson
Paige Durand