Kubb (Pronounced KOOB) is a lawn game dating back to the Viking days, where the objective is to knock down wooden blocks (Kubbs) by throwing wooden batons (Kastpinnar) at them!  Once all the opponents' Kubbs have fallen, topple the King to claim victory!  

Our Kubb league is currently planned with the following details:

DATES/ TIMES: Thursdays 6:30-8:30 PM, for 11 weeks, starting TBD (One week of warm up/scrimmages play, 9 weeks regular season, one week playoffs)
LOCATION: Conrose Park
COST: Just $40 per Individual
PRIZE FUND: There will be a prize fund at the end of the year. The winning team will take 50% of the fund home, and donate the remaining 50% to a charity of their choosing!
MORE INFO: Available @ www.halifaxplays.com/kubb or Halifaxplays.kubb@gmail.com


Feel free to watch the below video to learn a little bit more about the sport, and hopefully, it'll pique your interest enough to play this Summer!  Happy Kubbing!