Playing as a Temporary Sub

Interested in playing a few games with us, but can`t commit to a full season!? This would mean you are not on a team's official roster, but part of a pool of players available to call if needed. Officially, Halifax PLAYS discourages the use of temporary subs, however, it also recognizes that in many game time circumstances, Subs are one of few options available to teams in order to avoid forfeits.

Typically, a sub would be asked in advance about his/her availability. If available, a team and time slot would be assigned. Subs are asked to bring $5 cash with them (increased cost in Winter due to higher gym rental fees), or use the PayPal button below to pay the league fee.

Please contact if you would like to be added to the sub list

Note: The temporary sub policy outlined above may be revised through the course of the season.

Click the Button Below to Pay Your Sub Fee; No Paypal Account Needed!