Everyone's favourite wizarding world sport is coming to Halifax PLAYS this summer! 

** With a big caveat that this is CONTINGENT on: (a)  Getting 20+ players to sign up for the list who are crazy enough to run around the field on possibly magical brooms while getting bludgeoned in the face; (b) Figuring out how to get six hoops to stand up in a field (feel free to message if you have ideas); & (c) (MOST IMPORTANT!!!) Me recruiting someone braveheardy & slightly foolish enough to be my co-organizer (it's actually lots of fun ;)!

In any case, we do have fields booked, so here's the deal:

Register Now Here!

  • Games will run on Mondays @ 7-8:30 PM, for an ~8-week trial season starting July 12 to August 23
  • They will be held at either Conrose Field or LeMarchant School (Google it!)
  • There'll be a bunch of COVID rules which I need to figure out, consistent with guidelines
  • This is MUGGLE Quidditch, so please refrain from magic (e.g. Confundo or Stupefy, although Riddikulus is okay)
  • This is also run as a drop-in, which means you don't pay a season fee, but rather have a group that's free for people to join, with folks that pay ~$5 (TBD, but should be close to that) for each time they play & only when they play. And all this will be managed on Bloxo platform, which is an app that we are using to manage game RSVP's, drop-in fees (paid via credit card/ Stripe) & contact tracing. Likely it'll be ~$5 a session
  • There will also be some attempt at teaching people rules that I am myself very unsure of... This is my coach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhojXgTEs1s... An attempt at being Madam Hooch may be made, You all signed waivers.

Final note that I'm super-serious about needing some help/ volunteers, so please do consider it if you have capacity, should be a ton of fun & will need to cancel if we can't get some help!  Look forward to bludgeoning you on the field! Hope to see you there :)

For more info or questions, please contact us at:

 halifapxlays.quidditch@gmail.com or  halifaxplays.ed@gmail.com