We look forward to be seeing our wonderful rec soccer crew & new faces as well! All interested are reminded to read our return-to-play rules. Please be advised that player registrations will be VERY limited, to just 40 spots. As such, folks should register ASAP, with spots assigned on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Details below:

  • DATES & TIMES: Rec Soccer will run on Wednesdays, from June 30 to Aug 25. They will run 6:30-8 PM
  • REGISTRATION FEE: Players will be charged $30 per Person to cover field rental, insurance and equipment costs. This will be paid upon registration through [Teamlinkt].
  • WHO SHOULD JOIN: Players of all ages (19+) & genders are welcome, although we are limited to 40 spots MAX! Pease note also that the rec league is oriented towards beginners, as many players are new to sport & just want to have fun. More skilled players can join, provided they adhere to our league's more relaxed, less physical & non-competitive nature.
  • PUTTING TEAMS IN: If you want to join as a team, this may be possible, provided: (a) You have no more than five players, all of whom indicated their preferred teammates when registering; (b) There is at least one female player in the group; (c) Your team is not competitive or overly skilled, recognizing this is a recreational, beginner-oriented, fun-first league.
  • FORMAT: The field will be divided into 4 quarters six feet apart, each of which will host one non-competitive 4 vs. 4 or 5 vs. 5 game, with up to 8 teams allowed. We will send a schedule in advance to advised exactly which 2 teams are playing on each day. Each group will have a captain, who will be responsible to make sure rules are followed. Read more here.

If you have further questions on joining, please e-mail halifaxplays.soccer@gmail.com. In particular, if you will have difficulty paying your soccer fees or are a volunteer, please get in touch for a coupon code to discount/ waiver of your fees. And if not ready to register yet, but still wanting to receive notifications for future sports, please join our mailing list. Hope to see you soon!