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NOTE:  We will soon have a rules survey to vote on some key rules that could potentially change, such as about shots in half, the kind of ball we use & what counts as a "goal."

Key rules for the Winter 2016 Adult Soccer (Benchball) season are noted below:

- Benches are used for goals, with no goalies or hands allowed (Although a defender can cover a bench provided they are not using their hands)

- Games are 4 vs. 4. Teams may agree to increase/ decrease this if both captains agree

- You may use the walls, including back walls.

- There is a "No-Intentional-Contact" policy, similar to past seasons: This rule is intended to promote passing plays involving all teammates, while discouraging physical play involving intentional (not incidental) contact such as pushing, shoving or slide tackles.

- Scrimmage/ Game Formats:
- Games that "Count" are 2 x 25 minute halves (Teams alternate being time-keeper)
- Teams can choose to play without a half-time, as long as games end at the designated time (i.e. 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30).
- Scrimmages: There are 1.5-hour slots for scrimmages, where teams will be randomized, giving different people a chance to know each other even if not usually on the same team:
- Come a little before 6:30 or 8:00 PM, & Krystian, Shitangshu or another volunteer will organize you into 2-3 teams depending on numbers:
- There will be pinnies to help ascertain the different teams.
- Generally, we will put the first 6 on one team, the next 6 on another, etc.
- If there are 3+ teams, we will play first-to-two or 10 minute games on a rotating basis; winner stays on unless they have already played 2 straight games.
- Use the time off to get to know your teammates! The format is borrowed from a league Shitangshu played with in ON, & can be a lot of fun, plus is a great way to meet new people, even if they are ordinarily opponents!
- Each team should usually get ~4-5 games in the end

- LET THINGS GO! We are all here to have fun, hence resolve disputes when they occur with a quick rock-paper-scissor: Minimize any argument & stay relaxed when playing!
- If there are any infractions, please do an INDIRECT free kick no matter where you are
- As an aside, the rec league is traditionally a lot more laid back/ non-competitive, so its important to keep a relaxed attitude so both teammates & opponents HAVE FUN!

Our "Sub Policy" and "Waitlist Policy" are two further sets of rules which are outlined in more detail with their own webpages. Our waiver is also another important document that is intended to provide further protections to our leagues, volunteers & players, and this is attached below. Please note that, like our main rules, all these policies may later be revised during the course of the season.

The main spirit of our rec rules is above all to: Have fun & be safe, treat all players with dignity and respect, and keep competition secondary to having a good time. Gross unsportsmanlike conduct, such as the utterance of racial, religious or sexist slurs, the instigation of fights, or conducting illegal activity in facilities rented by the league can result in suspension or expulsion from our league with no refund, at the discretion of league executives & the Halifax PLAYS Board.

We also encourage players to contact with suggestions for how rules can be further amended and improved. In fact, almost all our rules have at some point been made with the consultation and/ or voting approval of former players and captains.


Halifax Plays,
Jan 22, 2015, 2:16 PM