Please read our complete COVID policies (here). In order to keep our players, volunteers and the staff at the facilities we use safe, it's important that we all do what we can to limit the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor Public Health and Government guidelines and update our policies as required and relax restrictions as soon as it's safe to do so. 

Updated Jan 2021
  • Keep Bubbles Small: In accordance with Public Health guidance, we are restricting participant registration to one Halifax PLAYS program at this time. We are also lowering registration numbers for our programs. We are also asking participants to limit their activities with other sports organizations. 
  • Show Up On Time: Many of the facilities that host our programs host multiple sports. In order to avoid mixing with other bubbles and to allow facility staff enough time to sanitize in between sessions, please do not arrive before the time that has been communicated to you. On a similar note, because many of our facilities have staff dedicated to screening attendees upon arrival, please do not be more than 5 minutes after your scheduled arrival time.
  • Only Volunteers to Set Up/ Dismantle Fields: We alway appreciate the many players who step up to help with fields before and after games. To minimize contact with high-touch surfaces, set- up will only be done by designated volunteers for the season.
  • Contact Tracing: To mitigate risks of community transmission, it will be important to keep track of who attends which games. For our Drop-In program, this will be done via the Bloxo app, and for rec, we will work with team captains to ensure this is done. To ensure that our contact tracing is accurate, only pre-registered participants will be permitted to play
  • Non-Competitive Play: Per Soccer NS's guidance, games will be non-competitive this season, meaning scores do not count. Physical contact should also be minimal... Keep it fun & casual!
  • Minimize Contact: As noted above, players should try to minimize physical contact when playing, for instance by avoiding use of their body for position or slide tackles. Similarly, high fives, handshakes or similar celebrations should be avoided... We recommend air high fives!
  • Bring Your Own Equipment: Players are not permitted to share personal equipment, such as food, drinks or water bottlers to other players during our games.
  • General Gameplay Rules: As those familiar with our soccer programs will know, there are also some general gameplay rules to follows, such as using kick-ins instead of throw-ins, having no slide tackles in any circumstance, any indirect free kicks & more. Read more here.

As always, the spirit of the rules is above all to: Have fun & be safe, treat all players with dignity and respect, and keep competition secondary to having a good time. Gross unsportsmanlike conduct, such as the utterance of racial, religious or sexist slurs, the instigation of fights, or doing illegal activity in facilities rented by the league can result in suspension or expulsion from our league with no refund, at the discretion of league executives & the Halifax PLAYS Board.

We also encourage players to contact with suggestions for how rules can be further amended and improved. In fact, almost all our rules have at some point been made with the consultation and/ or voting approval of former players and captains.

Halifax Plays,
Jan 22, 2015, 2:16 PM