Playing as a Temporary Sub

A "temporary sub” is a player not on a team’s official roster but who plays with that team for a day. Officially Halifax PLAYS discourages the use of "temporary subs." However we also recognize that in some circumstances subs are one of few options available to teams in order to avoid forfeits.

To ensure subs are used fairly here is the "Temporary Sub Policy" for Halifax PLAYS Soccer:

1) For a sub to play in a game, permission from a league organizer and captains of both teams involved in the game are required. This permission should be requested as early as possible. Because of our co-ed requirement teams may not turn down the request for a female sub.
- A league executive may deny a request for a team to use a sub in the following circumstances:
a) The team that would get the sub already has enough players.
b) Other teams playing at the same time have lower attendance & need the sub more.
c) The sub is highly skilled and wants to join a team that is already very good.
d) Other circumstances arise in which the organizer deems a sub joining a team would be unfair for at least one of the parties involved in or affected by the sub playing a game.

2) Temporary subs who are not full-time league players must pay $5 to an organizer.
- If paying a fee to play as a temporary sub, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of play and have your sub fee on hand; otherwise, you might not be allowed to play.
- Pre-payment (preferred) can also be arranged by e-mailing and then clicking the "Paypal" button that is linked at the bottom if this page

3) Temporary subs may not be used during the playoffs unless it is to fulfill the co-ed requirement.

4) Any team that uses a temporary sub that has either not paid his/ her fees, or gotten all the necessary permissions from captains & league executives, will automatically forfeit their game.

NOTE: The temporary sub policy outlined above may be revised throughout the course of a season.

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