If you are looking for a super-relaxed, fun, supportive, non-competitive environment to play some volley, our Wednesdays drop-in rec volleyball is ideal for you! How it works (subject to change):

  • 1) Register for FREE on SquadFusion... Sign-Ups will be limited to first thirty players.

  • 2) Next, join our private group on the Bloxo app, called "Halifax PLAYS Drop-In Volleyball"... This app will be used to post/ join specific games, RSVP & track participants.

  • 3) From here, two one-hour sessions will be posted each week on Bloxo (6:30-7:30 & 7:30-8:30). These will likely be posted each Monday, and you can join one or both of these.

  • 4) Use to app to join + pay for any games you drop into. Cost is $5 per one-hour session.

  • 5) And in light of COVID, any profits generated from Saturday soccer will go towards Feed NS & their COVID relief efforts. We hope this may raise some money & encourage all to join!

More details below:
  • DATES & TIMES: We run Wednesdays @ 6:30-8:30 PM (Two Sessions), from October 2 (~12 sessions; NOTE: We have moved from Fridays to Wednesdays due to YMCA availability)
  • REGISTRATION FEE: Players will charged $5 for each game played on the Bloxo app. They will not be charged for their initial registration on the SquadFusion system

If you have further questions on joining (for instance if there are issues with paying or the sign-up process), please e-mail halifaxplays.volleyball@gmail.com. And if not ready to register, but wanting to receive notifications for future sports, please join our mailing list. Hope to see you soon!