Winter Intermediate 2020 Volleyball Teams

Teams are evaluated during the first few weeks of play to ensure a balance of skill level, therefore, TEAMS MAY CHANGE so please check the team roster before each scheduled week.

Team A (8)

Kris C 
Manelon M
Corey H
Amanda F
Selena L
Debora M
Olga C
Gina T

Team B (9)

Yolande C (Organizer)
Tanya F
Abby M
Luis T
Marc-Andre F
Makinzi B
Ahmed M
Shayna V
Brian C

 Team C (8)

Ron G ( Organizer)
Nathan B
Alyssa S
Aidan B
Fred J
Fernando A
Joe L
Lourdes S

 Team D (8)

Nathan D
Miranda J
William M
Valeria Z
Britney S
Evelyn S
Erika W

Preferences for Teammates: We attempt to honor teammate preferences. However, especially when there are large numbers of people wanting to play together, some groups may be split up to make skill levels or numbers more even.

2) Gender Diversity: We attempt to place the same number of males and females per team.

3) Skill Levels: We try to balance out skilled/ novice players, based on how they rate their abilities in registrations. Of course, skill levels on paper do not always reflect a team's actual ability.

4) Seasonal Availability: We try to balance out regulars & occasionally/ often unavailable players.