Recognizing Key Forrmer Volunteers

Halifax PLAYS is fortunate to have had numerous wonderful volunteers help us out over the years. It will be impossible for us to list every person who has ever helped us, but we do want to recognize a few of our key former volunteers whose hard work has been critical in getting the league to where it is today:
  1. Alex Nemet: Did some initial development for our new halifaxplays.com website.
  2. Azam Ishmael: Made a large donation to our Summer 2014 youth soccer program.
  3. Binoj Daivashayam: Served as on the Halifax PLAYS Board as a bank accounts manager for almost a year; and played a key organizational role in the Fall 2012 & Summer 2013 Soccer leagues
  4. Ed Murphy: Played key organizational roles for many of our leagues, most notably serving as COO of the Halifax PLAYS Ball Hockey Summer 2013 league; also served on the Board for some time
  5. Krystian Dudzinski: Was COO of the Fall 2013 Soccer league; also served on the Board for a year
  6. Maher Ali Mullick: Helped to advertise for the league, & to increase our social media presence
  7. Samir Georges: Served in a key organizational role with the Fall 2013 Soccer league.
  8. Sheldon Fernandez: Was COO of the Summer 2014 Softball league.
  9. Verna Docherty: Served most notably as COO of the Fall 2013 Ball Hockey league.
  10. Yaser Al-Refaey: Set up & maintained our initial website, still viewable at sp2.co.nf.
Further to these indivudals, many of our volunteers (too many to list in full!) are still working with us to her run our numerous leagues in adult soccer, ball hockey, dodgeball, flag football,  volleyball, softball & youth soccer (click links learn of the organizers for specific leagues). In addition, our Board of Directors are of course key volunteers for the group, & more information about them can found under under"Board Info."
Our apologies if we have missed any names, as is inevitable. If you feel that you should be on the above list, or if you instead want to be removed from the above list, please contact us @ halifaxplays@gmail.com. Again, a huge Thank You to the above individuals, & all our volunteers, for their tremendous help to Halifax PLAYS over the years. We are forever in your debt, & the success of PLAYS would have been impossible without you.