HRM Recreation

Halifax's largest provider of recreation programs, HRM Rec provides services to all age groups & is committed to promoting "healthy lifestyles, vibrant communities & sustainable environments." The Needham Rec Center in particular, has been a center of Halifax's North End community for many decades, & has in the past been a huge help in advocating for our youth soccer & other programs. As such, it is exciting to partner with them to create our joint Summer 2016 program. This will allow our coaches to focus on what they enjoy most- sharing a love for soccer with our youth- without worrying about the administrative side of things that the HRM is taking care of. We are very grateful to Needham Rec for facilitating this partnership, which should be a great one for years to come!

Another premier recreation providers Halifax, the Community YMCA is also an integral part of Halifax's North End community. A frequent collaborator on our adult soccer, ball hockey & zany sports programs
, we are excited about the possibility to expand our relationship with the Y to include youth soccer as well in 2017 & beyond! In particular, we are in discussions for the Y to take over the administrative side of a Winter 2017 "Footy Fanatics" program, with PLAYS & the PWKC providing coaches who can then focus on doing what they do best in teaching kids soccer skills, similar to our arrangement with the HRM in the summer. While there are still lots of details for this potential program of the future to be worked out, we are excited to count the Y as a Halifax PLAYS partner.

The model for our youth soccer program is inspired by the Clayton Park-based Park West Kickaround Club (PWKC), another grassroots youth soccer group founded by former adult soccer player, Conrad Fox. Long-time partners & supporters, the PWKC will often get their kids together with others for the occasional tournament, which have for years been a highlight of both our respective seasons! A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the kind executives at the PWKC for their advice, help & guidance through the years in laying the initial foundations for our program: we would not exist were it not for their help.