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Members of the Organizational Committee for prospective Halifax PLAYS Youth Soccer league in Summer 2014 are listed below. To get in touch with them, please e-mail, or give us a a phone by contacting one of the numbers below:

James Buranyi, Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Phone: (902) 717-2088
About Him: Will be updated soon.

Shitangshu Roy, Co-COO
Phone: (516) 515-0834 (Text-Only)
About Him: A co-founder of Sports for Players by Players/ Halifax PLAYS league in 2012, Shitangshu is currently a graduate student at Queen's University in Kingston, ON, returning to Halifax in the summers. The reason for his organizing this league is two-fold: firstly, we just loves the game of soccer & working with children. But secondly and more importantly, Shitangshu has experienced being unable to pay for the ridiculously expensive formal youth soccer leagues (which he would not be able to afford were it not for the generous support of numerous charities). Further, even when he did play in youth leagues, Shitangshu would often be frustrated, especially with the competive focus of many leagues & with the difficulties of getting involved in full-field games with many players.