The Youth Zany/ St. Stephens' School Sports Project

"Youth Zany Sports"
or the "St. Stephen's School Sports" project, 
is a program where kids, aged 5-14, are given the opportunity to try a variety of new, exciting but less commonly played sports! Each lesson focuses on skill development through physical literacy, developing FUNdamental movement skills & having fun, setting the groundwork for a love of sport and an “I can play anything!” attitude: Our hope is that some of them may also find a love for a sport outside the norm, through exposure to many different kids of fun activities and sports programs!

Check out the attached screenshot for more about sport offerings in Winter 2018!

WHO?: This multi-sport project is a collaborative effort involving HRM Rec, Halifax PLAYS, Sport NS, the HRSB & 12+ sport organizations, with the support of other community sport stakeholders as well, doing skipping, floorball, tennis, ultimate, cricket, pickleball, curlng, golf, lacrosse, rugby & more.

Check out the "Our Partners" page for details on our amazing partners!

WHEN?: Saturdays, with programs running throughout the day from 9 AM to 4 PM, and during the school year, with registrations for the Fall, Winter & Spring seasons open open at HRM RecConnect.

HOW MUCH?: As affordable as possible. We would like everyone to have a chance to play, & our hope is to reach folks from all over the Halifax/ North End community! Some programs have free, although others do have a small cost: If this will be an issue, please contact HRM Rec for assistance.

St. Stephen's Elementary School, 3669 Highland Ave., Halifax NS B3K 4J9 (map here)

: While Halifax PLAYS provides some organizational help & volunteers, HRM Rec takes care of payments & registrations, which can be done:
- Online via RecConnect @ the HRM website (note that you may first need to create a free account):
- Calling (902) 490-3895/ (902) 490-6666 or visiting in-person the Citadel Rec Center, located at 1955 Trollope Avenue, Halifax NS.
- Sport options can change, but easiest is to search for "School Sports" in RecConnect!
- VERY limited spots left, so sign up soon if interested!