One of our most fun offerings, Halifax PLAYS is pleased to announce the return of Zany Sports! Here, we aim for a laid-back, non-competitive environment to try some of the great sports Halifax PLAYS offers, along with some unconventional & non-traditional activities as well. Details below:

- When: Wednesdays @ 8-9:30 PM. Exact time may change a bit.

- How Long: ~10 weeks between March 3rd & May 12th!

- Location:  The Shambhala School @ 5450 Russell Street, Halifax NS B3K 1W9 (map here)

- Format: For the first-time ever, we're trying a DROP-IN!! Basicaly, what this means is that you register to join for free (link here) & join a private group on the Bloxo app, that we'll set up by February 12. And you then pick and choose which sports you want to make or the days you can make it, paying only for those sessions you play, with drop-in fees likely $5-10 per session.

- Likely Sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Soccer, Jugger, Quidditch and Ball Hockey! Possibly more, but we're trying to work that out. No promises :)

- Spirit: Our games are non-competitive, with organizers/volunteers explaining rules at the start of the day, setting up teams each day (no set rosters), and then trying out our different sports in a for-fun, scrimmage style setting! Beginners especially welcome.

- Registration Info: All ages (19+), skill levels & genders welcome, with a max of 60 drop-in spots available on a first come, first serve basis. In order to run this season, a minimum of 25 participants are required to be registered by February 20th

- Register ASAP @

NOTE: All the details above are tentative & subject to change!

If you have questions, please e-mail As well, if you wish to receive notifications of future sports programs, please join our mailing list here.


We hope to see you playing with us very soon!